So I hear my audience may want to know a little about the person they are reading. Phewwwww!  What can I say?

First off, full name is Ibiagbani Mercy Max-Harry. You can just do Mercy so you don’t bite off your tongue.

I enjoy science, maths and writing. Lately, I seem to enjoy the last most. I’m an ambivert, although sometimes I tend to be more introverty. (Don’t check your dictionary for that word,  it’s only in mine). I also love cooking and reading.

I am 100% saved. Jesus is my Lord and I’m not scared to portray Him even in my writing.

I love good music- Gospel soft rock any day.

I’m a feminist, yeah, a Christian one, all be it.

I love people easily , reason I know I’ll be loving you as I get to know you more.


Thanks for reading. 😘😘😘